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It's all about behavior

We are in the business of developing and implementing experiential learning programs & tools. We have assimilated years of knowledge of recognized thought leaders; from all over the world, to successfully develop assessments, tools & trainings that enables organizations, teams & people to produce extraordinary results. 

We are different from a consultancy, we enable our clients in developing internal capability. 

Understanding our behavior - how we do something and why we do something - helps us to use our talents and skills more effectively. It makes us aware of the impact of our behavior has on others which helps us be more mindful and effective with others. Connecting to what motivates you increases your ability to sustain higher levels of energy which improves productivity at work and adds presence to your personal interactions.

With us, you really invest in your people. 

The success of an organization (any size or scale) invariably depends on how effectively people management is done. Q4 Select enables organizations to develop a platform of internal capability for effective people management. Q4 Select offers training solutions for people management. We train the trainers & coaches.



Layers of motivation

  • Personal style assessment
  • Personal values assessment
  • Personal interests assessment

    • Reading preferences

      • Role reading assessment
      • People reading assessment


Role definition | Job matching | Identifying training needs

  • High profile | 3D | domain experts assessments & analysis of shortlisted candidates for leadership roles
  • Executive | 3D | stakeholders defined job match analysis of shortlisted candidates for senior roles

  • Online mass selection portal for mass recruitment drives (online process from job publishing to induction)
  • Balanced team selection (especially from bench to projects)
  • Filtering & grouping focused training needs in existing teams


Overall micro activity plan to realize vision & strategy.

  • Current Status | existing distribution of behavioral preferences | team strengths & gaps
  • Needed interventions | role assessments compared with people | quick fix of critical gaps
  • Desired milestones | Planning, implementation & reality checks | strategic roadmap on -
    • Focused learning & development programs (for clearly marked individuals & teams)
    • Talent review & strategic load balancing
  • Succession planning, lateral shifting, aligned hiring


4 step knowledge transfer process

  • Self-validating workshops on layers of motivation (for participants | operating from higher awareness, based on self & others preferences)
  • Training-the-trainer program (for facilitators | certification program to conduct self-validating workshops)
  • Coach program (for coaches | to coach successful people in they realizing their vision)
  • Master trainer program (for knowledge partners | business & leadership transformation)

Q4 Group

Q4 Select is part of the Q4 group which includes following:

Q4 Select

Leadership, Assessments, Learning and Development, Employee and Product Management.


Vehicle Tracking Systems, Geographical Information Systems

Q4 Retail

Enabling vision and strategy for retailers by planning, organizing, leadership and control.

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